It all began as a game in a corner of my small room. From first coloured patterns and shapes to first draws-like. Various colours, decorations, ideas, techniques came along…

Years passed and it seemed like a moment. Academy of fine arts was a logical next station on this journey. It gave me knowledge and skills which are necessary, essential to every artist. Graphic art became my new passion. My journey continued. It became more exciting and more colourful. Paintings followed one another. And graphics, of course. As the road winded through different life-shapes, so the motives became different and new each time, on each station.

Soon, another station’s door was ajar. On the other side of it were lots of wool balls, fiber strands, fabrics… I opened the door and entered into the world of weaving, knitting, embroidery and crochet. My corner became even more rich.

Tradition was always present in my work, woven through patterns, colours and symbols. And what could one say about nature? The work I do clearly express my understanding on nature’s and human’s relations and my submental desire of being closer to nature, because we belong there! Hidden in shades of colour and tones, our traditional music is permeating through my work.

Each work is a print of a soul expression, playful ideas and thoughts downloaded on canvas, cardboard, linoleum, loom. Sometimes work was created in peaceful silence of my corner, sometimes in heated up surrounding of gathered painters, sometimes at weaving classes… I am fond of them all. Well, maybe some of them I cherish more! Occasionally I have showed my work on various exhibitions, to give it a chance to reach it’s fullness for a different point of view, from some other viewer’s eye.

So, the corner of my room became cramped for all that small fortune. Although the photography of certain work caught in some moment and surrounding can not replace direct contact with work, I decided to open the door of my corner for you. I hope you will enjoy exploring the site and that you will find something to “catch your eye” and make your day prettier. Feel free to comment, make suggestions and also come to meet each other, if you want to, and to feel each work with all senses from a close by.

Dragana Stojicic Cvijic